Robert Eskridge

 Country Music Singer/ Songwriter (1968 -)

Early Life:


Country singer / songwriter Robert Eskridge was born on November 10, 1968, in Wilmington, Delaware. As a kid he bounced back and forth between California, Delaware, and Eastern Kentucky, where he graduated from Morehead State University as a three (3) time National Champion Cheerleader.  


Eskridge started playing in the local bars and honky tonks at the age of 16, and throughout college / early adult years, in various bands in the Lexington, Ky area.  At one point, while working with a few record labels in the early 90’s in Nashville, he garnered the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, had a Saturday night performance at the world-famous Ernest Tubb Record Shop, as well as the old Stock Yard and Bull Pen Lounge – where he played frequently with the George Jones Band.

As music was just starting to take off, the start of a young family re-prioritized his music career, but he still played locally for the next 25 years with his band Southern Daze in the tri-state area.


Recent Times:


Robert and Juli were attending a pancreatic cancer event, the Seena Magowitz Foundation, in the summer of 2019 and the question asked of the attendees was: “What would you do if you only had 6 months left to live”?  A profound question.   After mapping out their top three items on their bucket lists, Roberts was to do a Nashville album of his original music.   

Teaming up with Country Q records and Mike Bonagura, he released two EP’s:  My Destiny and Simple Things.   The album Simple Things was a combination of those two and has done very well on several country charts. 

  • Buck Wild and Whiskey Crazy was an Indie World Country #1 and New Music Weekly Top 10

  • Simple Things, the title track, was an Indie World Country #1, EACM #1 and New Music Weekly Top 5

  • You’re My Destiny hit #1 in Canada and EACM #1 and peaked at #16 New Music Weekly Main #9 New Music Weekly Digital.

  • I Can’t Win for Losing You – hit #1 on the New Music Weekly charts in Nashville and held on for two weeks!  #5 in Europe

  • Current single Glasses UP just hit Music Row Billboard and the Main NMW Nashville Charts!

Nominated for New Modern Country Artist of the year at the Josie Awards 2020 and a recent nomination by New Music Weekly and industry professionals for New Male Country Artist of the Year - 2021 and by the Josie Awards for Band of the year 2021, Entertainer of the Year and Song of the Year - You're My Destiny.

Southern Daze is known for their southern rock style, guitars and harmonies.  They are a favorite in the Central Kentucky area.  With seasoned musicians that have the same passion for music, they have a great time on stage and enjoy putting on shows for their fans.  


The band consists of Sam Pollock – Georgetown, Ky, Kevin Rawlings – Lexington, Ky, Kerry Elliott – Paris, Ky, Sherwin Kidd – Georgetown, Ky, Frank Conrad of Lexington, Ky, Michael Harris - Paris, Ky, Jason Hale - Salt Lick, Ky, and Paul Bernstein - Lexington, Ky.

People love the energy of the band and their wide range of music and the originals. 


Personal Life

Outside of his professional and music career, Eskridge has several interests, including classic cars, motorcycles, the great outdoors and skiing. He and his wife Juli have four children, Jessi Eskridge, Jerad Eskridge, Malina Gaworski and Iza Gaworski. 


The Eskridge’s are proud supporters of Morehead State University.