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#1 I Can't Win for Losing You grabs two weeks @ #1 on New Music Weekly Chart

Hey Dazers! Amazing news to tell you - our current radio single just hit #1 for two weeks in a row on Nashville's New Music Weekly Charts! Also nabbed #1 on the Indie Single charts this week.... What the WHAT????

Big thank you to our Dazers out there listening and telling your friends about us. Also, things can't happen without an amazing band and support team... thanks to those folks also.

Shout out to James Williams our promotor - amazing man. thank you for all you're doing for us. A good song doesn't make it on it's own in this business - without your efforts, we'd just have a CD with some songs on it!!!

Be sure to check out our dates on the Tour Date section of the web page and see if we're near you!!!


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